riverbed theatre Upcoming Productions January 2022
The Weight of Things (HD FIlm, 6'45")
Sydney Opera House (Returning: Chapter 2 Online Exhibition)
January 2022

Science fiction tells us as much about the present as it does about the future. We write about space travel and teleportation, because we long for the possibility of something more than our everyday life. “If only in the future I could…” And for the astronauts who have actually floated weightlessly in the heavens, who have transgressed the boundary between fact and fiction, the weight of gravity must be unbearable, to have once drifted amongst the stars and now be firmly bound to the earth. "The Weight of Things" explores this aspirational quality of science fiction, this spirit of invention that glistens in a young child’s eyes as they dare to imagine, the child who looks up at the heavens and leaps into the air, dreaming that one day they will take flight…
riverbed theatre Upcoming Productions Spring 2022 Release
all that remains
Spring 2022 Release

A favorite elementary school teacher. A childhood friend. A first kiss. Of all our experiences, which stay with us? Which remain? As artists, we are drawn by this question of how to create encounters that elevate above the everyday, that can enter our audience and become part of their life stories. “I remember that time when…” During these days of lockdowns, quarantines, and physical distancing, how then do we create moments that do not dwell on those things that we have lost but instead emphasize the poetic possibilities of the present? To be thousands of miles apart, but to still be with you. all that remains is a surreal, cinematic meditation on intimacy; it is an invitation to journey into the unknown. This project is sponsored by a grant from the Taiwan Creative Content Agency.
riverbed theatre Upcoming Productions Winter 2022 Release
Over the Rainbow
Winter 2022 Release

It is human nature to long for something more or different than what one has. At times, this aspirational dreaming can lead to advancements: someone finds a better career, leaves an abusive relationship, or, as is the case for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, returns home. But more often than not, this attitude leads to a sense of discontent with one’s own lot, an unquenchable desire for something new. "Over the Rainbow" explores this precarious balance between desire and satisfaction, encouraging an honest reflection on our own personal sense of identity and values. What are we searching for? Where do we call home? Are we happy? This VR experience takes the audience on a surreal journey from a theatre audition to a dark, David Lynch-inspired dreamscape to a Broadway-style musical. But "Over the Rainbow" offers more than a physical voyage; it is a trip within, an entering into of our aspirations, insecurities, and joys.